Saturday, March 29, 2008

Walsh Out - Nancy Larraine Out


He laughed when our reporter asked him about reconsidering retirement this week. No way was the message. The question was prompted by Peter Cappuccilli, the prime Republican candidate, who dropped out of the race for health reasons earlier in the week. That leaves Dan Maffei, the presumed Democratic nominee to replace Jim Walsh, standing alone in the field just now.

There are frantic motions on the sidelines, of course, as there were when Jim announced he won't run again, back in January. Among others, Ryan McMahon, a Syracuse city councilor, raised his hand again, as did Nancy Larraine Hoffmann, who used to be a Republican state senator. Larraine came on fighting (with the Onondaga County GOP chair), saying his remarks were a "throwback to another era." Shortly,
Larraine bowed out.


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