Saturday, February 02, 2008

Driscoll Has Backers Too


“It would be nice having somebody who's been running the city for the last six or seven years to actually be there in the congressional seat. Knows the problems of the cities and what the cities have to face every single day,” said Patrick Hogan, also on the council.

“He knows how to handle government business on a daily basis. In fact, I will credit him with bringing this city back from the brink of financial disaster,” said Common Councilor Van Robinson.

An interesting question to me is, what do the mayoral hopefuls do in Driscoll does get in the race. If Driscoll ends up winning then Bea Gonzales would become Mayor the same way Driscoll became Mayor, so it would be in her best interest to back him. But what about LaTessa and Miner? Do they back Driscoll in hopes that they get his endorsement in the race, do they back Maffei in hopes that it keeps Gonzales from being the incumbent?


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