Saturday, January 26, 2008

News Today

Potential Democratic Primary:

Immediately, Syracuse Mayor Matt Driscoll said he is thinking seriously about whether to run for the seat. Even one of Maffei's supporters, businessman John H. Rhodes of Fayetteville, told The Post-Standard that he may seek the Democratic nomination and is forming an exploratory committee.

Conservative Party, blah blah blah:

Michael Long, the Conservatives' state chairman, said Walsh told him last year - as they were hashing out differences of opinion - that he still had not made up his mind whether to run.

"Which sort of set off a signal to me," Long said. "It was a close race last time, so that might have entered into his thinking. I think you have to ask the congressman how and why he made his decision. I think he probably started to weigh those factors and whether or not it had anything to do with it, I don't know."

Walsh and Bush riding off into the sunset together:

They spoke for three or four minutes, Walsh said. President Bush wished him well in retirement and told Walsh it had been a pleasure to work with him.

Walsh said he invited the president to Central New York to go fishing for smallmouth bass; Bush said he would consider it in the future.

"It was odd," Walsh said of the conversation. "Usually, when a president called me, it was because he wanted something. It was a friendly, casual call. He said something about how we're going to go out together."

Paloma Capanna Predicts a tougher race without Walsh:

"One of the things Dan and I used to talk about was how one of the worst things that could happen would be for Walsh to retire," Capanna said. "One thing we agreed on was that sometimes we seemed to be the only ones who understood a different candidate would be harder to beat. The new person wouldn't have a federal record to criticize, you wouldn't have a Bush administration connection, and you wouldn't be running against a candidate that's been worn out by working in D.C. in its current state of dysfunction."

Paloma is running for Senate against a long time incumbent, throw her some scratch.

Walsh's Son not running and not a Republican

"I'm registered to vote and I do vote, but for a variety of reasons I have decided not to affiliate with a party at this time," Walsh said. "If I ever decide to run for office, I'll have to decide. But right now, particularly working for an organization that deals with people from across the political spectrum, I think I can be more effective as a non-enrolled voter."


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