Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Maffei Relaunches, Fitz Takes in on the Chin

Dan Maffei relaunched his campaign today in an effort to scare away primary competitors:

Democrat Dan Maffei flexed his political muscles Monday, hoping to dissuade other Democrats from thinking about running for Congress for the seat being vacated by Republican incumbent James Walsh.

Democratic Committee chairs from Monroe and Wayne counties, labor union officials and other Democratic politicians threw their support behind Maffei's candidacy for the 25th Congressional District seat at a news conference in East Syracuse.


Union officials who threw their support behind Maffei included Al Davidoff and Bruce Popper, vice presidents of the politically powerful Service Employees International Union Local 1199 in Syracuse and Rochester, and Rich Oppedisano, president of United Auto Workers Local 1826 and chairman of the region's Working Families Party chapter.


But other Syracuse-area Democratic politicians were at Maffei's side, including Assemblyman Al Stirpe; county Legislature minority chairman Mark Stanczyk; Syracuse Common Councilors Thomas Seals and Lance Denno; and Fern Whyland, executive director of the Onondaga Democratic Committee.

Dick Case knocks all the candidate, but hits Bill Fitzpatrick the hardest

Bill Fitzpatrick moved so fast it wasn't hard to figure out if he'd given the idea of trying to be our new congressman some thought ahead of time. Thing is, the district attorney just was re-elected to his fifth term to an office that looks like a lifetime appointment.

Bill's a good chief prosecutor for Onondaga County, but I don't see him as our man in Washington. As a freshman, starting at the bottom? In a situation where it's much more likely Jim will be followed in office by a member of the Democratic majority?

The district attorney's biggest opponent is himself, and the perception by some that his ego gets in the way part of the time. Potential voters need to read John O'Brien's stinging piece in Sunday's Post-Standard about Bill Fitzpatrick's habits when it comes to spending his campaign money.

Especially the last paragraph, at the end of a long recitation of the prosecutor's spreading money around restaurants and golf tournaments, when he declares he's not about to change his habits:

He'll report all of the expenses the law requires, but he won't change the way he spends. Why should he? Fitzy asks. Because you guys (of the press) don't like it?

Picking up the tab for all those steaks and booze makes our man the most generous district attorney in the state.

Sweet, huh?

Can we imagine this guy as our congressperson? Probably not, for several reasons, including his role as Good Times Charlie.

And the Politico gives a look at the state of the NY GOP.


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