Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Emerging Story Lines

The press loves to create story lines and cast their coverage to fit within the mold. So far the PS has already started writing the story lines for the two front runners, Dan Maffei and Bill Fitzpatrick.

Bill Fitzpatrick is arrogant and willing to play fast and loose with the rules.


Dan Maffei is a one note candidate who's only political stance was, I'm not Jim Walsh.

I'm going to leave the Fitzpatrick on alone, but I want to address the one about Dan Maffei. There are two key points here, first and foremost though, its just not true. Last election, Jim Walsh had a bare bones issues section on his website which failed to include anything about either Iraq or the economy, while on the other hand, Dan had one of the most detailed policy sections of any congressional candidates, check it out. And second, the PS and the rest of the media forced Dan to hit that one note over and over again. The media's constant coverage of the horse race over ideas and policies, leaves candidates with little time to talk and when they do they have to focus on the simplest issue that is going to have the most impact. If the PS wants candidates with ideas, maybe they should give them a forum to talk about them.

The good thing for both the candidates though, the expectations game creates an opportunity to exceed them.


At 3:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Watcher, THANK YOU for emphasizing that point! It's amazing how the storylines the media creates can be so far from reality. Maffei can talk about his plan on any issue in great detail, whether it is healthcare, education, the economy, environment... The media ought to recall that those issues were discussed in debates THEY moderated! As you said, though, the interesting thing is that lowering expectations presents an opportunity for Dan to exceed them. Hopefully he will seize that opportunity effectively.


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