Thursday, February 07, 2008

Big Fat Candidate List - Update 4


Almost Certain
Former State Fair Director Peter Cappuccilli

A Dream Candidate for the Dems
State Senator Michael Nozzolio
State Assemblyman Robert Oaks

Maybe, If Fitzpatrick Doesn't Run
Former Assemblyman Jeff Brown

Exploring It
Former County Legislator Dale Sweetland
East Syracuse Mayor Dan Liedka

Not Saying No
Former City Councilman Rick Guy

Could Run, Not Like They Have a Job
Former State Senate Candidate Tom Dadey
Former State Senator Nancy Lorriane Hoffman

Let's Just Start Naming Names
MACNY Director Randy Walken

Not About to Give Up an Easy Reelection
State Senator John DeFrancisco
County Clerk Ann Ciarpelli

Picked out of Left Field
Former County Legislator Jim DiBlasi
County Comptroller Bob Antonacci
Former City Councilman Rick Guy (who?!)
Walsh CoS and Higher Scorer on the Unintentional Comedy Scale Dan Gage
City Councilman and threatener of frivilous lawsuits Ryan McMahon

The Sleepers

County Legislator Kathy Rapp (married to Bill Rapp, but not that Bill Rapp)
Cicero Town Supervisor Chet Dudzinski

Not Running
Former Mayor Roy Bernardi
Onondaga County District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick
Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks

Found Better Things to Do
County Executive Joanie Mahoney
State Assemblyman Will Barclay
Author/Lawyer/Democrat Tim Green

The Democrats:

Already Running
Dan Maffei

Syracuse Mayor Matt Driscoll
Businessman John Rhoades

Looking At It
City Councilwoman Stephanie Miner

Definately Keeping their Albany Cribs
State Senator Dave Valesky
State Assemblyman Bill Mangarelli
State Assemblywoman Joan Christensen
State Assemblyman Al Stirpe

Don't Call It a Comeback, But They Been Gone for Years
Former State Assemblyman and former Member of every Major and Minor Party Joe Nicolette
Former City Councilwoman Kate O'Connell
Former Assemblyman Mike Bragman
Former Mayor Tom Young

Ambitious, But More for the Mayor's Office

Council President Bea Gonzales
City Comptroller Phil LaTessa

State Fair Director Dan O'Hara
Former US Attorney Dan French
Son of the Former Assemblyman Mike Bragman

Maybe if It Was a Few Years from Now
County Legislator Dave Stott
County Legislator Tom Buckel

Feel free to add anyone in the comments you think I'm missing.


At 1:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stephanie Minor falls under the interest in Mayor's office. She is not running for Congress.

At 9:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Watcher - you're getting wittier every time we have these updates. Love the references to Gage, Green, Nozzolio... Well done.


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