Sunday, December 09, 2007

When Right Wing Crazies Attack

Kids lose:

Democratic congressional candidate Dan Maffei has resigned from an advisory committee for Kids Win, a program run by Catholic Charities, after some criticism of his support for abortion rights.


"I joined Kids Win a year ago because I believe in its cause of helping our community's children master literacy and healthy lives," he wrote. "I have always strongly supported that cause and I always will."

But now his support for Kids Win and its mission will come from outside the committee, Maffei said, after noting that his "deeply held belief on another issue - the profound issue of a woman's right to choose - has distracted some from these goals."

Maffei made his decision after seeing critical letters to the editor in The Post-Standard, suggesting he should not be allowed to serve on the committee because of his abortion stand, said campaign manager Dan Krupnick.

This situation is embarassing, Dan Maffei was working with a charity to give back to the community and help children, but some cheap, petty ideologues were willing to politicize it.


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