Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Walsh's Whip

From the Rochester D & C:

Three of the Rochester area's five members of Congress are among a minority of House members who use taxpayer-funded accounts to lease vehicles in their districts.

Reps. Tom Reynolds, R-Clarence, Erie County; Louise Slaughter, D-Fairport; and Jim Walsh, R-Onondaga, Onondaga County, lease cars at $400 to $800 a month, according to a review of House records. The area's other House members, Reps. Randy Kuhl, R-Hammondsport, Steuben County, and Mike Arcuri, D-Utica, do not lease vehicles.


Walsh spends about $400 per month on a 2005 Jeep.

Interestingly the two who don't rent cars, Randy Kuhl and Mike Arcuri have significantly larger districts than Walsh (also Reynolds and Louise Slaughter). The 25th has an area of 1,619 sq miles, while Kuhl's district is 5,660 sq miles and Arcuri's district is 6,163 sq miles. Our money well spent as usual.


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Retirement, or rumors?? Watcher - tell us what you know!




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