Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Stink of Desperation


Members of the Onondaga County Conservative Party met with Rep. James Walsh Tuesday night and said it was one of the best meetings they've had with a congressman in decades.

That doesn't mean Walsh will get their endorsement.

Conservative Party members will put off deciding who they'll support in the 2008 election for at least four months

"We haven't set up our interviews at all," party Chairman Austin Olmsted said. "We won't start interviewing until March or April.

"I am more than pleased, I am totally delighted" with how the meeting went, Olmsted continued. "That doesn't constitute support or a lack of support. It constitutes great communication."

So any guess on what Jim Walsh has promised them, maybe a cushy job on his campaign payroll like how he bought the Independence Party chair in Onondaga County?


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