Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mistaken Headlines, Misleading Articles

So today the Sub-Standard took a look at the fundraising race, only a few after the number were released (I shouldn't throw stones, but I was busy). The article got the headline "Walsh rakes in cash for '08 race" but what the real title should be is "Walsh rakes in special interest cash for '08 race".

Thanks to big donations from friends in Congress, Rep. James Walsh has outpaced his Democratic challenger in fundraising and built a comfortable lead heading into the 2008 campaign.

Walsh, R-Onondaga, took in about two-thirds of his cash from political action committees and one-third from individuals in the latest quarter, according to disclosure reports filed with the Federal Election Commission.

Let's look more carefully at the first paragraph. Walsh has a comfortable lead? Well if you look back at January of 2006 you can see that further along in the cycle that Walsh had $400,000 more dollars on hand than Dan Maffei, and now he has barely $100,000 more. Considering the margin last time around, I wouldn't consider that comfortable at all.

And time for visit with our favorite inarticulate spokesman, Dan Gage:

"It says a lot about how Mr. Walsh's colleagues value him here," Gage said.

Riiiight, I'm sure it has nothing to do with making sure he toes the party line.


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