Monday, September 17, 2007

Something Polling Walsh in a New Direction?

The DCCC sent out an intriguing press release today:

Congressman Walsh Pays for Poll, Changes position on Iraq
What did he learn? To get reelected he had to change his position

According to the Federal Election Commission, Congressman Jim Walsh paid nearly $5,000 for "polling services" but won't release the results of his poll. Now it looks like we know why -- it showed he needed to change his position on the war.

Syracuse Republicans Even Agree Walsh is politicizing the War – Onondaga County Conservative Party Chair Said:

"I wasn't shocked or stunned by his remarks," said Olmsted [Chairman of the Onondaga County Conservative Party]. "It's kind of what I expected from him. He looks at his position in Washington as a career path. He's not serving in a capacity as our congressional representative. He's serving as a career. Most of the people I spoke with feel the same way. It's a very sad event." [ Syracuse Post Standard, September 16, 2007]

"Congressman Walsh is getting attacked by his own party for politicizing the war in Iraq," said Jennifer Crider, Communications Director for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "We need leaders in Congress who will fight for what is best for the families in their district, not people who pander to the results of a political poll. Congressman Walsh has a long record of rubberstamping President Bush's failed policies in Iraq, will his record or just his rhetoric change?

Forgiving the DCCC misunderstanding of New York's arcane system of fusion voting, it raises an interesting question, is Jim Walsh sticking up for what he thinks is right, or just sticking his finger in the wind?


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