Monday, August 20, 2007

Town Halls

Dan Maffei is having a Town Hall tomorrow:

Date:Tuesday, August 21
Location:Syracuse OnCenter

800 S State St.Syracuse, NY
Description: Click for details.

Please RSVP
Contact: 315-427-3757

And Rochester Turning has a summary of a recent Walsh town hall:

I showed up, walked in fact, and gave my opinion to the Congressman on China, Universal Health Care, Ireland and Iraq, in that order. The audience seemed to like it, judging from their applause. Walsh’s response was the usual packaged “Iraq must step up to the plate”.
Interesting thing is that the turnout was tiny…
There were no Pro War speakers. The only Rightie spoke about his desire for an English Only law, which Walsh supports.
Most of the speakers were anti-Walsh, anti-War, including a Raging Granny who finished her comment with a song. Our local Repub. Town Board member tried to cut her off, but she said she was going to use her 4 minutes and kept right on singing. Someone was seated dressed as a gorilla. During the Granny’s singing, a disgruntled oldster got up and left, saying, “this is ridiculous!” or words to that effect.


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