Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Anti-Commonsense Ideology

There are just some parts of the Republican ideology I'll just never be able to understand. This amendment was voted on this week:

An amendment to insert provisions to Section 622 to prevent unintended pregnancies, abortions,and the transmission of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS; and to provide that no contract or grant for exclusive purpose of providing donated contraceptives in developing countries shall be denied to any nongovernmental organization solely on the basis of the policy contained in the President's March 28, 2001, Memorandum to the Administrator of USAID with respect to providing contraceptives in developing countries, or any comparable administration policy regarding the provision of contraceptives.

The policy refered to hear was the policy put in place in the early days of the Bush administration banning funds to any organization who even mention abortion to patients. Of course, Jim Walsh was lock step on this vote too. But this is what happens when ideology trumps common sense, and Walsh is all of the former and none of the latter.


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