Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Walsh Not Quite Last

So when all was said and done, Jim Walsh didn't finish last, he raised more than two women from the Republican Hall of Fame, Jean Schmidt and Barbara Cubin. Jean Schmidt you may remember called decorated Vietnam Vet, Jack Murtha, a coward on the House floor and Barbara Cubin threatened to slap a man in a wheelchair after a debate last year. You're in good company Jim. The New York Times writes up Walsh's poor showing:

The New York Republican incumbent who survived the closest near miss in 2006 — James T. Walsh of the Syracuse-based 25th District — lagged behind the others in early fundraising. Walsh, now in his 10th term, broke six figures but just barely, raising $105,000 for the quarter.

This comes on the heels of a 2006 election in which Walsh spent $1.4 million to stave off Democrat Dan Maffei, a former congressional aide, by a margin of just 1.6 percentage points. Maffei already has declared his intention to seek a 2008 rematch, though he did not initiate fundraising during the first quarter.

In addition to trailing colleagues who prevailed in competitive 2006 races, Walsh was outraised in the first quarter by several House members, all Democrats, who won easy victories last year.


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