Saturday, April 14, 2007

Walsh in Last Place

So the campaign finance reports for the first quarter are trickling in and Walsh's numbers are out.

Walsh raised $105,000, spent $46,000 and has $131,000 on hand.

His spent his money mostly on keeping up an office and distributing to local Republicans. There was one payment of interest though, he paid of a debt to a Rochester law firm for "legal services, vote recanvass", hmmm.

So how does Jim Walsh stack up against other vulnerable candidates? Well if we use Karl Rove's watch list, not well.

Jim Walsh is presently in last place among those who have reported. Only 11 of the 37 have reported so far (deadline is tomorrow) but Jim Walsh raised $35,000 less than the next closest and over $100,000 less than the next closest Republican. Can anyone say retirement?


Walsh is still last, narrowly trailing Randy Kuhl, looks like NY Republicans want a repeat of 06. The rest of the numbers should be out tomorrow.

Mike Ferguson, New Jersey – $419,249
Heather Wilson, New Mexico - $325,313
Marilyn Musgrave, Colorado – $266,236
Joe Knollenberg, Michigan - $264,311
Jon Porter, Nevada – $234,927
Peter Roskam, Illinois - $227,975
Thelma Drake, Virginia - $228,852
Jim Gerlach, Pennsylvania - $216,283
Deborah Pryce, Ohio - $208,368
Chris Shays, Connecticut – $194,091
Randy Kuhl, New York – $115,745
Jim Walsh, New York - $105,090

Ciro Rodriguez, Texas - $597,184
Chris Carney, Pennsylvania – $247,748
Zack Space, Ohio - $212,866
Steve Kagen, Wisconsin - $157,679
Nancy Boyda, Kansas - $140,011

Dan Maffei's numbers aren't in yet, but I wouldn't expect them to be anything impressive since he didn't get into the race until after the deadline for contributions ended.


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