Saturday, April 07, 2007

Jim likes Nancy more than Dennis

About a month after the election I wrote a post saying that Nancy Pelosi might be the best thing to happen to Jim Walsh if he decides to run for re-election because of the more moderate agenda the Democrats will pursue. Today the NY Times wrote an article along the same lines:

If the Democratic ascendance on Capitol Hill was supposed to usher in dark days for Republicans, it is hard to tell from talking to moderate ones like Mike Ferguson, who represents a suburban district in central New Jersey.


[M]any Republicans from swing districts in the Northeast are finding that life under Democratic rule has its advantages.


Yet, paradoxically, the agenda that House Democratic leaders have been advancing over the last few weeks may actually give moderate Republicans political cover — certainly more than when conservative leaders ran the House.

The article also focus on this race in particular:

In a recent interview, Mr. Maffei argued that his prospects of winning in a Democratic state like New York were greatly improved in 2008 because the presidential election would draw thousands of additional voters to the polls, most of them Democrats.

“The climate of a presidential year will carry us,” said Mr. Maffei, who announced his candidacy on Friday.


[Walsh] has already sided with Democrats on several major pieces of legislation, including a nonbinding resolution opposing President Bush’s call for sending additional troops to Baghdad.

Mr. Walsh’s assistants say the votes reflect a centrist point of view that Mr. Walsh has held for years, but Mr. Maffei has described Mr. Walsh’s votes as opportunistic.

“It has nothing to do with ideology,” Mr. Maffei said. “It’s purely political.”


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