Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Wishy Washy Walsh With No Stand on Iraq

My favorite bloggers over at Rochester Turning put a call into Walsh's office today to find out how he planned on voting and his office had this to say:

Just got off the phone with the Walsh people. They won’t say how he’ll vote because they say they don’t know what the final resolution we’ll say. They say “Congressman Walsh opposes troop escalation.”

Looks like I was right yesterday when I predicted Walsh was looking for a way to support Bush's urge to surge. And since I know the staff at Jim Walsh's office are among my biggest readers I'm sure they know what the resolution says.


At 11:48 PM, Blogger TomT said...

Walsh just said he'll vote for the resolution.

"But Syracuse-area lawmaker James Walsh, a Republican who eked out a narrow victory in 2006 after winning two years earlier with 91 percent of the vote, planned to vote for the House resolution opposing the troop increase, an aide said Tuesday."



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