Monday, February 26, 2007

Some Stuff I Missed

Unfortunately I've been having some internet trouble lately so I haven't been able to post. So here's a few points I missed (besides not being able to do more during for the town halls).

The Sub-Standard gave three days of coverage to Walsh's town halls. Tuesday's, Wednesday's and Thursday's.

Paloma Capanna struck back against some comments Walsh made on Iran in one of the town halls. I wouldn't take this as a sign of her thinking about running again, just a statement from a concerned citizen.

And County Executive Nick Pirro is hanging it up, unleashing a floodgate of candidates to replace him. First, I'm surprised Walsh so quickly dismissed a run, without a strong Democrat topping the ticket and the chance to ditch the baggage of the national Republicans, he probably could have won. It would have been a step down, but it was the job he originally wanted and it would keep him closer to home. Second, the race for Congress, whether Walsh retires or not, is officially put on hold, no one will be able to make a serious move until after November because the CE race will suck up all the oxygen.


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