Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Conservatives Go Slightly Crazier

In the face of overwhelmingly supporting an overwhelmingly unpopular war, Conservatives now want to target the 17 Republicans who supported the Democratic resolution opposing the Bush Urge to Surge. Here:

House Republican leaders and conservative activists are targeting critics of President Bush's plan to send more combat forces into Iraq -- and some GOP lawmakers are on the hit list.


Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol sounded a similar note on "Fox News Sunday."

"There's something called primaries we have in America, and there will be primary challenges in the Republican Party against some of those congressmen," Kristol said. "And they deserve to be primaried, because they are acting, I think, in a shameful way."

Unlike their Senate counterparts, most of the 17 dissenting House Republicans will not likely face tough re-election campaigns.

Only Rep. Jim Walsh, R-N.Y., had a difficult re-election in 2006. And based on the demographics of their districts, Republican Reps. Mike Castle of Delaware, Jim Ramstad of Minnesota, Mark Kirk of Illinois and Keller could face serious challenges next year.

While I highly doubt this is anything more than nothing, if Walsh was running for re-election, a primary would be nothing but good for us.


At 4:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the party sent a primary opponent, Walsh would retire. Repubs just seem to operate that way. That would be an interesting shift in the landscape up here. I also find it *very* interesting that he doesn't advocate troop withdrawal! Let's finish the debate on 20,000 soldiers and begin the debate on getting out of Iraq.


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