Thursday, January 25, 2007


The DCCC released a memo outlining it's plan to keep and expand the Democratic Majority. Here are a few highlights:

A. Staying on the Offense

As discussed in last week's memo, we are aggressively on offense and working to put a large number of Republican seats in play. We are in the process of targeting districts where Republicans won by less than 5%, seats won by Kerry in the 2004 Presidential election, districts occupied by ethically challenged incumbents and Republican seats likely to open. By challenging incumbent Republicans we can win additional seats and force them to expend resources defending their incumbents that would otherwise be directed at our most vulnerable members.


Online Networking
The support of net-roots organizations was key to Democrats success in 2006. Frontline members will be required to build an aggressive online operation with the goal of acquiring 30,000 e-mail addresses by November 2008.


D. Delivering on Our Promise to Voters

As the saying goes, "good policy is good politics". The House Democratic leadership has put forth an aggressive legislative agenda right out of the gate, including important initiatives like increasing the minimum wage, passing real ethics reform legislation and allowing for price negotiation on costly prescription drugs. Delivering on what we promised in Speaker Pelosi's "100 Hour Plan" will show the American people our ability to be an effective governing majority, and change the way business is done in Washington.

While this district won't have a frontline member (vulnerable incumbents) it is good to see that the DCCC recognizes the importance of blogs like this and the readers of blogs like all of you. And by the way, this means Walsh is a double target, representing a district Kerry won and winning by less than 5%.


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