Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Dan Thanks Voters

Dan Maffei
Syracuse Post Standard
December 30, 2006

To the Editor:

Thank you to my hometown and region for the most exciting year of my life. Though my effort to win election to represent the 25th District in Congress did not succeed in 2006, the Herculean effort of thousands of volunteers and supporters has fundamentally changed the political landscape in Central New York.

Though the Maffei campaign was outspent two-to-one by its opponent, the final result was so close that it's clear that Central New Yorkers have a true choice about who represents them and will not have to just assume a long-term incumbent's return year after year.

The efforts here received national attention and contributed to the Democratic takeover of Congress as the Republican Party spent resources to defend a previously safe incumbent. We did indeed "send them a message." My opponent in the election has so far dramatically changed his rhetoric, and hopefully his policy on the Iraq War and President Bush's failed defense policies.

He may deny that the campaign made him more outwardly sensitive to the sacrifices made by too many Americans, but his behavior shows something else. President Bush himself has replaced his failed defense secretary and will now have to contend with real checks and balances.

I am convinced that 2006 was not an isolated moment, but set the stage for a new movement for change. I am part of that movement here in Central New York and, from the bottom of my whole heart I wish to thank the volunteers, contributors and voters who gave me this opportunity.

Dan Maffei


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