Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Walsh's Algonquin Roundtable

So know we know why Walsh snubbed our next governor. From CongressAM Daily (sub req):

Shaking off a brush with political death in the midterm election, Rep. James Walsh, R-N.Y., last week called together a group of at least a dozen Republican lobbyists and party insiders to discuss fundraising and signal his commitment to running a strong bid for re-election in 2008. Three sources familiar with the meeting, a breakfast gathering last Wednesday, said Walsh is incorporating the lessons of the 2006 election by preparing his campaign early. One Republican lobbyist said the strong Democratic ticket led by Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Gov.-elect Eliot Spitzer, voter anger about the Iraq war and the state's Democratic leanings made the environment difficult in New York. "It is traditionally a Republican area ... but in a bad year, it can be very difficult," one Republican lobbyist said. "Everyone is kicking their campaign into high gear a little early." The meeting included such GOP lobbyist notables as former Reps. Bob Livingston, R-La., and Jack Quinn, R-N.Y., and Brad Card, Ed Gillespie, John Feehery and Dan Mattoon.

Dan Maffei delivers a better response than I can to this:

"The irony is he accused me of begin the Washington insider and raising money in Washington, and the first thing he does is turn around and convene a meeting of Washington lobbyists," [Maffei] said.

And my favorite part of any article about Walsh, Stupid Dan Gage quotes:

A spokesman said Walsh was prepared for his re-election race this year but ended up facing much greater opposition than expected, including from Majority Action, a Democrat-friendly "527" group.

By the way Dan, the definition of prepared is:

properly expectant, organized, or equipped; ready


At 12:53 PM, Anonymous Plummet said...

I can't read the name "Dan Gage" without the word "stupid" popping, unbidden, into my head.

At 9:31 AM, Blogger Dan said...

I think the takeaway here is the Republicans are going to try very hard to retake congress in 2 years, and our job as bloggers and activists will be to do everything in our power to prevent that.

Given its unknown which democrat will run in 2008, the focus should be on holding Walsh accountable by putting all his actions under a microscope.

I believe a problem we will have is fatigue amongst democrats who worked so hard for the 2006 elections.

Dan (TLB).


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