Thursday, December 07, 2006

Walsh snubs Spitzer

Like we should be surprised:

"I don't believe there was any type of real intent to ensure that all members could be there, or that there was going to be any detailed discussions," said Rep. James Walsh's spokesman Dan Gage.

"There will be a day when the governor will need the vote of U.S. Rep. Walsh or Tom Reynolds or John McHugh or Randy Kuhl," added Gage, naming other New York Republicans who are adjusting to life in the minority party in Congress.

Walsh, R-Onondaga, could not attend because he had a prescheduled meeting for his 2008 re-election campaign, Gage said. Walsh narrowly won re-election last month in a race against a former aide to Rangel.

Some advice for Jim Walsh 1) Don't let your press hack threaten the Governor-elect 2) Don't snub the the guy who 40% of the people voted for you also voted for.


At 1:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha! A "a prescheduled meeting for his 2008 re-election campaign"! WOW. Yeah, you definitely wouldn't want to reschedule THAT one. Glad to know he is putting the people's business ahead of personal pique and/or ensuring an eternal death grip on power. Also glad to know that he had already checked off "wash hair" from that day's list.

At 2:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Walsh had an appointment. So what? Vote for Walsh in 2008.

At 2:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, Anonymous are funny. Walsh loses power and seniority, the only thing aside from wasteful pork he could run on, and he still thinks he can turn his back on the new Gov? Perhpas he was too busy crying over the sad hole in his heart! Enjoy this guy while you can. Can't wait to hear his campaign in 08...No seniority, no respect for the Gov., no respect for democracy, but I have the right to be sent back to DC forever!

At 5:48 PM, Blogger unionmark said...

Walsh is so whiney. God! What a sense of entitlement this guy has.


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