Thursday, November 02, 2006

Wes Clark Endorsement of Dan


As a long time resident of Upstate New York, Dan Maffei has seen his home region lose economic opportunities as factories close, jobs move off-shore, and college graduates leave the area in search of jobs to support families.

Dan Maffei is a man with insight into the real world issues facing families in Upstate New York. Through his early work as a reporter in the region, Dan recognized one of the keys to improving economic conditions is retaining its young, educated work force to raise the level of earning capacity. Dan Maffei will also be a leading advocate for Upstate New York’s veterans to ensure they have the services they need.”

Dan Maffei served on committees for such well-respected New York Congressional and Senate leaders as Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan and Rep. Charles Rangel, becoming an expert on the economic issues of healthcare, Medicare and Social Security. He worked as a key strategist to oppose the attempt to privatize the Social Security system.

“In voting for Dan Maffei, New Yorkers will choose a voice in Congress who understands economic issues and job creation, and who will put this experience and knowledge to work for the citizens of the 25th District. To make the change, we need to vote for someone with the vision and the ethical responsibility to do the right thing,”


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Erick Mullen?


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