Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Vote tally continues in 25th race

The re-canvassing of voting machines in the 25th Congressional District on Tuesday did not appear to put a significant dent in Rep. Jim Walsh's roughly 3,200-vote lead over challenger Dan Maffei, as election boards in four counties prepared to turn their attention to paper ballots. Although the counting of about 10,000 absentee, affidavit and emergency ballots in Onondaga and Wayne counties could drag into next week, Walsh supporters today might call for Maffei to throw in the towel.

"As of today, we think the difference is 3,153 votes, and I don't expect it to go much lower," said Dan Gage, a spokesman for Walsh, adding that the paper ballots are likely to split the same way as the machine-counted votes. Democrats disagree and have consistently said that, with the vote this close, they're advising Maffei to see it through, said Mike Whyland, Maffei's campaign manager. Absentee ballots were counted Tuesday in Monroe County, but final results were not available.
Paper ballots counted in Cayuga County favored Walsh over Maffei but did not significantly change the space between the candidates, Gage said.


At 9:34 AM, Anonymous eastsyr said...

I say count all the votes.

At 12:48 PM, Anonymous kml said...

Screw Walsh. If that man had ANY integrity, not only would he have denounced the robocalls made on his behalf (which were ILLEGAL in case anyone forgot), but he would be saying they all need to be counted too.

Count them ALL!


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