Saturday, November 04, 2006

Underreporting of Zogby poll. We don't want a "tie".

The Zogby poll does not seem to be getting huge play in local media. I found a small article in after using the search bar on the website. Also a corny and unserious "humor article" mocking the poll, which I found unsettling in the face of the Iraq war.

Generally it seems like the story is being under-reported. A quick glance at the blog on showed other people complaining about this. A cursory glance on channel 9's website, or channel 5, or channel 3 didn't see any obvious mentions of the poll.

This would just be more evidence: the powers that be are not going to give up without a fight.

According the the New York Times, an army of lawyers are getting ready to fight close elections. Some examples are Republican lawyers in Pennsylvania trying to prevent people from voting "without proper id". There are war chests being set up for "recount battles".

I've heard in discussions Democrats talking about the 2% rule, which is that if you do not win by a convincing, uncontestable margin, you run the risk of losing, due to Republican dirty tactics.

This solid 2% is what we need on election day. We need to get out the vote and win by a strong margin. If there is a "tied vote" where Maffei wins by a small amount, we may simply give the advantage to Walsh in a recount battle.


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