Tuesday, November 07, 2006

This is it!

I'm heading out shortly to go inspect polling machines & start our great GOTV Effort! All of this work & effort has come down to this - We need to turn out OUR Voters today! We'll see everyone totally exhausted tonight at 9:00 at the OnCenter for the Victory party. Don't show up early! Every vote is precious today!

Our Vote is Our Voice & NY-25 needs to Send Washington a Message - We aren't going to take it anymore! Listen to us hard & strong - We're sending our Syracuse Native friend to Washington & he will be OUR Voice - finally after it has been silent for far too long.

My little boy woke up early this morning & said - "Mommy - today is the day we vote for Mr Dan & the day he is going to win his race & get a new job." My little boy is the reason my family has worked so hard for Dan Maffei - I am very proud and honored to call Dan a friend - Let's do this today for our kids, for ourselves, for our Country. I want my Country Back!


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