Thursday, November 02, 2006

Senior U.S. evangelical steps down over sex scandal

Walsh is not exactly in the evangelical camp, nor does CNY bare much resemblance to the bible belt.

But Walsh and his evangerlical southern cousins do share many of the same views, on stem cells, abortion. Not to mention rock-solid support of Bush.

So this strory may turn out to be right up there with Foley, in terms of right wing hypocrisy. From reuters: The president of America's National Association of Evangelicals, who has been a vocal opponent of gay marriage, resigned on Thursday after an accusation he had a sexual relationship with a male escort.

Paster Ted Haggard admitted that some of charges were true. He bought drugs (meth), and paid for massages.

For the curious, this Harpar's article has long profile of the man and his church.

Nice huh? This is what we'll get more of, if the Sub-Standard's cowardly editorialists have their way.

More outrageous news. The auditor responsible for finding corruption in how we spend Iraqi reconstruction money (the Office of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction) has been fired. Apparently, he did too good a job!


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