Monday, November 06, 2006


I've heard some rumors that intentionally harassive robocalls claiming to be from Dan Maffei but really from Walsh and the NRCC have been going out. They have been going on in other areas, including NY-19, they call and claim to have information regarding a candidate, use long pauses and then deliver negative information and if you hang up they will call back repetively.

Someone at DailyKos is trying to bus campaigns behind it this desperate tactic, so if you've been a victim head over there and contact the person. It is simply dispicable Jim Walsh and his Washington allies would stoop so low, but it's not the least bit surprising.

Dan Maffei's campaign has come out to condemn these:

Calling them "blatantly illegal, a new low, and an insult to the voters of the 25th Congressional District," Democratic candidate Dan Maffei today called on Jim Walsh to immediately stop the harassing phone calls that have plagued voters for more than a week now.

"We have been getting reports that this kind of disgusting activity was happening - now we know it's true," said Maffei spokesman Michael Whyland after learning that Conquest Communications has spent nearly $12,000 on behalf of the National Republican Campaign Committee to innundate voters with harassing "robo" calls. "They know they are losing and are desperate to hold onto this seat at any cost."

Information about the dirty tricks can be found here:

The Maffei campaign has been getting a steady stream of complaints about the harassing phone calls, but couldn't independently verify from where they originated. The calls begin innocently enough, but degenerate into mudslinging and outright lies. They are illegal, said Whyland, because they don't identify early in the call on whose behalf they are calling. Even worse, if the call recipient hangs up, the call is automatically regenerated so the voter receives repeated calls.

"This is a new low, and for someone like Jim Walsh to endorse this type of illegal activity is a slap in the face to the voters of this district," said Whyland. "He should apologize to the voters and order the NRCC to immediately stop harassing them."

and here are some local news contacts to call if you are a victim:

WSTM, Ch 3:"If you see news happening, call the Action News Tipsline at 426-TIPS.
If you have a story idea, send us an e-mail"

Switchboard: 315-425-5555
Mail: 980 James Street
Syracuse, NY 13203
contact form on:

NewsChannel 9 WSYR
Main Office: (315) 446-9999
Newsroom: (315) 446-3333, Fax: (315) 446-9283
Your Stories Line: (315) 446-9900

Tips Line(315) 234-1010
Fax Line(315) 634-4270
Contact form


At 4:04 PM, Anonymous Kyle Clark said...

I'm a reporter at 13 WHAM-TV in Rochester. If you're a voter in Monroe or Wayne who has received one of these calls -- please email me at


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