Friday, November 03, 2006

Breaking News!

Post Standard Endorses Walsh!
The Democrat has made his opposition to the war in Iraq a central campaign issue. He also promotes regional solutions to economic development challenges at home, with new transportation links, broader federal assistance and "branding" to identify the area's potential as a center for alternative energy research and development. Walsh's position on Iraq is troubling. While his opponent calls for withdrawing U.S. troops, Walsh speaks of reviewing options. He needs to be front-and-center, helping to get this spiraling crisis under control.

Congratulations to the challenger for running an energetic campaign. If re-elected, the veteran incumbent may need to pick up the pace.


At 9:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Predictable Substandard BS. What amazes me is how much credit they give Walsh for simply funnelling federal money towards the hard work of others... Walsh responsible for cleaning up Onondaga Lake? Peace in Ireland?

Could the credibility of this Newspaper's editors sink any lower. Obviously friends of Walsh...

At 9:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is the most anemic endorsement I have ever seen. I suppose such a flimsy and unusable endorsement was the best we could hope for.

At 10:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous.

At 10:26 AM, Blogger TLB said...

This blog could have written this endorsement and saved the Post some time. They lived up to their expectations exactly.

Moving right along-

My guess is, we need a big, big turnout for Dan. And that, in turn, is going to be greatly helped by allot of volunteers for Dan this weekend.

All interested readers, please go directly to Dan Maffei's campaign headquarters and give him a hand this weekend.

At 11:37 AM, Anonymous kml said...

F*** the Post-Standard, seriously. I've learned more about them in the past few months than ever before.

Let's get out the vote for Dan and shut them up.

305 South Main St.
North Syracuse, NY 13212



4 days left people.

At 2:15 PM, Blogger redlami said...

This is not a big surprise. Once the Zogby poll results (paid for by Clear Channel 9 and the Post Standard) were withheld, I figured the Post was going to endorse Walsh. tlb is exactly right. I'm canvassing again tomorrow.

At 2:22 PM, Anonymous eastsyr said...

Someone on forums pointed out that the Zogby poll was published on Zogby's site -

Surprise surprise, Dan's in the lead both before and after leaners.

At 2:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The elephant in the room…
Over the past weeks and months, politicians, pundits, and even some conservative Christian leaders have been calling this “the most important midterm election” in decades. According to many, the war in Iraq is the single most important issue in the minds of most voters, and support for the war has been on the decline, with many now questioning the wisdom of the decision to invade Iraq.
So why did it take so long for GOP incumbents to begin to address the issue?
Over the past three and a half years, this war has cost us so very much. The hundreds of billions of dollars we’ve spent, while important, don’t begin to stack up against the lives of more than 2800 American servicemen and women, and thousands upon thousands of Iraqis – many of them men, women and children who were just unlucky enough to be caught in the crossfire.
Yet, almost since the war began and right up until a very few weeks or just days ago, Republicans in Congress and the Administration have attempted to characterize anyone speaking out against the war in Iraq as soft on terror, unpatriotic, against our troops, and practically un-American. Congressional Democrats suggested maybe we should pick a date, or at least a year, by which our troops would be home. Maybe it’s time for a new strategy in Iraq. No, said Republicans, that would be “cut-and-run”.
Former President Clinton sees it a bit differently. “Stop and think is NOT the same as cut and run.” Most Democratic members of Congress would echo that sentiment. As of this week, maybe even a few Republicans. So where does our own Congressman stand?
Jim Walsh has an official website as a member of the House of Representatives from our 25th District. He also has a campaign website (all folks running for office do). With two websites available to him, why is it that, search though you might, you’ll find nothing on either that mentions, in writing, his position on Iraq? His verbal remarks about Iraq seem to have varied quite a bit over the last few weeks during debates with Dan Maffei, his Democratic opponent. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Congressman thought the war was important enough to rate at least a mention on his websites?
Mr. Walsh’s campaign website (though not his Congressional one) has an “Issues section”. Listed, from top to bottom, are: Endorsements, Jim’s Online Newsletters, Agriculture, Ireland, Our Communities, Our Environment, Our Health, Our Schools.
If these “issues” are listed in order of importance, it would appear that the Congressman cares more about who is endorsing him for re-election than anything else, and more about Ireland than either Iraq or his constituents.
Both websites contain an abundance of press releases regarding the hundreds of millions of dollars he’s “brought back to the district” in the form of federal grants and loans over his tenure in Congress. However, neither mentions the exact amount (close to $9 million in four grants over four years) he’s procured for his college alma mater, the private, Catholic, St. Bonaventure University (which is not even in his district) for its new science building, named after the Congressman’s father. In February 2004, Mr. Walsh was named “Porker of the Month” by the watchdog group “Citizens Against Government Waste” for a $4.5 million gift to St. Bonaventure of the taxpayers’ money.
For while it’s true Congressman Walsh has brought home the bacon, one could argue that the money was ours to begin with. Our money paid to the government in the form of taxes and surcharges. Money we paid to the government to pay for running the government. And every penny brought home by every Congressman over the last five years was one more penny added to our national debt, because the Republicans have become the Tax LESS and Spend MORE party.
So, can your votes be bought – with your own money?
I posed this question to Sun & Record readers two years ago in this column in a piece entitled “Oink, oink – How much is your vote worth?”
I ask the same question today. My vote, to me, is priceless.

At 10:32 PM, Blogger left-tee said...

I am discussed with the right-wing biased CNY media, including print, which until recently I thought would print local progressive opinions. Unfortunately, wealthy right-wing republicans control the electronic and print media in CNY and are covering up and massaging Walsh’s record.

As a progressive, with a degree of success getting my letters printed in the local media. I have first hand knowledge of the information know to the print media about Walsh’s record. By endorsing Walsh, the Post-Standard chose to ignore an abundance of information about Walsh’s rubber stamp voting record, which amply shows disdain for his constituents and lack of integrity.

Following is a sample of the information the Post-Standard, New Times and City Eagle would not print.

Ethics for sale

Congressman James Walsh of the 25th district has stated that it was against his ethics to vote for government funded embryonic stem cell research, but does not seem to have a problem with discarding them.

Nevertheless, where were Walsh’s ethics when:
• He voted to cut food stamps for the poor, while accepting free meals from Defense Contractors.
• He voted to change the House ethics rules so that Tom Delay could remain in power, while being investigated for money laundering.
• He voted against stopping contracts to corporations that overcharge the government.
• He voted for federal loans to American companies that moved offshore to avoid taxes.
• He voted for protecting companies contaminating water with carcinogen Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE) from lawsuits.
• He voted against expanding military's TRICARE health insurance program to Reservist and National Guard members.
• He voted for the Medicare Bill that raised seniors’ annual premiums, while giving billions to businesses and the health care industry.
• He voted for giving billions to the oil industry, which is making billions in record profits from Middle East instability caused by the Iraq war (war profiteering).

Apparently, Walsh’s ethics vary when it comes to special interests. If the religious right were not big republican contributors, would his ethics be the same for stem cell research? You decide.

Consequently, why is Maffei giving Walsh a pass on his extremist voting record?


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