Friday, November 03, 2006

The Big Something

I'm having technical problems figuring out a way to give you guys access to the pdf of what I have. It is the photocopy of a microfiche from the Syracuse Herald Journal, March 1st, 1989 pg A1. So this isn't really news, but it was unknown to me and to numerous other people involved in this race until someone gave it to me. It is Jim Walsh's letter to his Doctor, requesting he give the draft board a medical reason to excuse him from the draft. Here is the text of the letter:

Dear Mike,

As you can see, I've just received this reminder that the draft system is alive and well (in Syracuse anyway) and they need some more information on me to put in their files, or on microfilm or whatever they do with it. Its a lot of B.S. as usual but they have given me an opportunity to tell them how unphysically fit I am. That is where you come in, if you will. It is that same matter I spoke with you about the last time I was in Katmandu. If you could write them a convincing letter with a sundry of medical facts concerning my dire condition I would be at your service for a lifetime. If you could simply tell them I am taking medication for tuberculosis (test positive) for one year. And also if there is anything else on my medical record that you feel would help my case, please include. Such as amebic dysentery for which I am now taking medication; terrible tropic parasite which have weakened my system to the limit; and whatever else you feel would be helpful. I trust your judgement.

Thank You.
Jim Walsh

P.S. Please attach note to questionaire and forward it to Syracuse - unless there is some confusion on your part - if there is hold questionaire and write me.
Don't send this note, it may be incriminating.

I'm going to leave all of you to make your own judgement on this... and I'll work on getting the pdf up on the site, but trust me, I couldn't make this up.

Here is the pdf.

Thanks to the good people at Rochester Turning for helping out.


At 3:58 PM, Blogger unionmark said...

Now - I would love a real good corruption thing to blow Jim out of the water - but this is old news. It's been played throughout the Jezer elections, the Mack elections and so on. People know and if they don't - I don't think they care. It's like Bill Clinton - they didn't care about his letter either.

At 4:00 PM, Blogger J said...

This is just another example of chicken hawk republicans voting for war, but not having the courage to actually go themselves. If this is true, Walsh is a coward to dodge the draft and then turn around and send our finest off to a war based on lies.

At 4:12 PM, Blogger redlami said...

Older voters might know it, but I bet most younger voters don't. Walsh hasn't had significant opposition since the Iraq war started, so even if it's not news, I think it's useful information to voters for whom Iraq is the #1 issue (which is to say, most of them).

At 4:36 PM, Blogger TLB said...

They did not care about Clinton, to say nothing of Bush and Cheney who were not exactly heroic when it was their time.

As I mentioned earlier- Republicans would vote for a bucket of poop if the bucket was painted red with little pink elephants on it. They only understand the 'R' column.

I think Dan Maffei can win this. He doesn't need to go back in time to Walsh's ugly past. Because Walshs ugly present is bad enough!

All we need to do is make sure enough Dems get out there and vote for him

At 4:53 PM, Blogger redlami said...

There aren't enough Democrats in NY-25 to elect Maffei. We need to move the independents to Maffei, or get some Republicans stay home, or a combination of the two. Anything that raises doubts about Walsh is a good thing.

At 6:17 PM, Anonymous kml said...

Wow, ANOTHER chickenhawk. Gee, imagine that!

Good news on the phone banking front. A majority of the people I reached are voting for Dan. They were only too happy to go off on how much Congress sucks. Voting for Dan, voting straight Dem, whatever it takes to get the Reps out of office.

We still have 4 days left to contact people, whether it be canvassing or phone banking.

At 3:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To see the whole article type this address in then search for James Walsh "custom dage" 3/1/1989. AF4&p_docnum=1&p_queryname=3&p_pro duct=NewsBank&p_theme=aggregated4& p_nbid=O57K5EQSMTE2MjY2Mzg4OC4yNzg 3MzY6MTo3OnJhLTE4NTk&s_jsEnabled=t rue#mainContent


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