Tuesday, November 07, 2006

1pm Update

More for those with trouble finding their polling place or voting. Remind the main number is 315-433-5480, but if that number is busy or you get an answering machine you can call 315-447-4511. Or obviously, the Board of Elections 432-3312.

News from the Field:

Turnout is high in the 17th Ward.

Turnout is high in Manlius, not unexpected it has the highest turnout in the County, but it could be good news for Dan because an internal poll for another campaign had Dan up double digits.

Turnout in Marcellus, one of the reddest areas of Onondaga County, is sparse.

Also, there are more reports of the same dirty tricks I was talking about earlier. This time it is Republicans with Valesky stickers on trying to convince people they are at the wrong polling place. If you manage to get any pictures or videos of this happening, send me an email because the local news is looking into it.

Also, I hear we can expect the Democrats to pick up between 3-7 new seats in the Assembly.


At 1:55 PM, Blogger TLB said...

I suggest anyone who hears of dirty tricks to email / bost the blos and Maffei's campaign right away.

Give location and time of incident.

If you did see it firsthand, give the name of the person who did if thats possible.

If the issue is STILL HAPPENING: then we are in luck- someone can drive to the scene of the crime and grab them on tape!!


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