Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Whiney Walsh Cries Again

Apparently I missed this the first time around, but the new ad has already garnered free media and tears from Whiney Walsh. This one includes a completely indecipherable quote from Dan Gage:

"It is a whole new low," said Dan Gage, speaking for Walsh. "They're using children. You see a mom and a teenage boy and a young child. For all of those folks, you want to do everything that you can."

Uh, what? But then Dan is back for more with a blatantly false statement:

He added, "The ad is blatantly false and inaccurate. It's a complete lie."

Right Jim Walsh loves stem cell research, uh huh.


At 5:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Walsh is surprised he is having a real race for once in his life. The whineyness is that of a spoiled, entitled brat feeling the preasure of real Democracy and the voice of the voters.

CNY DESPERATELY NEEDS NEW TALENT. IT IS MISSING THE BOAT AND GRAYING AWAY. Maffei is the man who has stepped up to rid us of the current troglodyte represenatative.

All who care about this region's future have to help and support Dan Maffei!

At 1:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It really is a bad idea of Wash to cry wolf about this. At best, he should say that the ad is overly simplistic and disingenuously manipulative. At least that would be true. But to say that it distorts his record when his record is available for all to read... that's a bad move.

Walsh doesn't look good when he's whining. Instead of making closing comments in Tuesday's debate, he took the time to whine about Dan's campaign distortions. It was not an effective debate closer!

Dan Maffei must be awfully tempted to start lobbing accusations left and right, so that every word out of Walsh's mouth between now and the election is some sort of a weasely attempt to explain why the attacks are not exactly right. Cause, you know, Walsh didn't vote 9 out of 10 times with Bush, he voted with him only 8.84 times out of 10... which means that he's totally Bush-independent, unlike the 9/10 claim that Maffei insinuated.

Likewise, Walsh isn't opposed to stem cell research, he's opposed only to the sort of stem cell research which has by far the most promise to lead to cures. I hope he buys adtime to make that clear to the voters!

While we're at it, how about an ad about how he didn't always vote against raising the minimum wage, but only on those occasions when it had a realistic chance of passing? Surely he has money to blow on this!

When Walsh is on his heels, his punches don't do much damage.

At 11:53 PM, Blogger Whazdat! said...

Anyone on the Walsh team awake? Anyone know what the bill H R 810 was about? I do, and Walsh's overpaid staffers should know this one. Walsh voted "NO" on that bill!


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