Monday, October 23, 2006

Walsh's campaign donations. gives campaign donation information broken down by zip codes, metropolitan areas, and groups. I found that website from a post on's discussion board, copied below.

Maffei seems to mostly get small donations from people in Syracuse and Washington, as well as the unions. Walsh big supporters are big business, families in Fayetville / Skaneateles , and right wing PACs. Also Walsh got a big chunk of change from someplace called "Palm Bay" in Flordia.

It's no secret that corporate America is for the Republicans. But seeing the raw numbers is still eye opening.

Taken together, the data shows its all the more urgent for us to donate to Dan's campain.


"Just a little something I wanted to clear up. These is NO connection between Soros and Maffei. None. Zero. Zip. Soros hasn't given Maffei a dime. Don't believe me? Check Or Or All have Maffei's FEC filing up on their site, and not a single one mentions Soros. Same with No mention there either. Why dont you check Walsh's filing instead? Some real gems in there. Top donors? The Committee for the Preservation of Capitalism dumped $10 grand into Walsh's coffers, this of course being the same PAC that accepted of $40 grand of tainted Abramoff money. Want more? How about $10 grand from Pyramid. $6 grand from National Grid. $35,287 from people classifing themselves as "lobbyists." Makes you question what constituents Walsh really has in mind doesn't it?" - ieffam4


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