Sunday, October 29, 2006

Walsh Push Polling

Numerous reports have gotten to me that Jim Walsh is push polling, one of the lowest of the low campaign tricks (though considering the whisper campaign his staffers are behind, it looks noble). Here's a description of the push poll call:

The other is a push poll that opens with a head-to-head between Dan and Walsh, then says that Dan is a liberal and intends to raise people's taxes and asks whether that makes them more or less favorable towards him, and then it does a second head-to-head.

Here is what the National Council on Public Polls has to say about Walsh's deplorable tactics:

The National Council on Public Polls is issuing a warning about a growing and thoroughly unethical political campaign technique, commonly called "Push Polls," masquerading as legitimate political polling. These are not polls at all. They are political telemarketing.

A "Push Poll" is a telemarketing technique in which telephone calls are used to canvass vast numbers of potential voters, feeding them false and damaging "information" about a candidate under the guise of taking a poll to see how this "information" effects voter preferences. In fact, the intent is to "push" the voters away from one candidate and toward the opposing candidate. This is clearly political telemarketing, using innuendo and, in many cases, clearly false information to influence voters; there is no intent to conduct research.


[T]he use of such polls by a candidate may, of course, be a legitimate news story.

Jim Walsh needs to stop these calls and immediately apologize!

Here's his campaign phone number so you can demand it of him personally!



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