Saturday, October 21, 2006

Walsh lies about Maffei's tax position.

I located a partial transcript of the 2nd debate online. In that debate, Walsh accuses Dan of wanting to raise taxes.

Walsh says: "If they have their way, they'll raise taxes by 2000 dollars per family, a family of four earning 50,000$"

To which Maffei replies: "I support giving more tax relief to working families. And less to the big oil companies, and big multi-nationals, that are currently taking us to the cleaners. We can have more tax relief for working families without raising overall taxes."

So, Dan has, on television, told Walsh and everyone watching that he wants to lower taxes for families. Not raise them.

Walsh has no excuse not to understand Dan's position. Dan told him in person in front of the world.

What does Walsh do? Puts out adds that say Dan wants to raise taxes by 2000$.

The definition of a lie is here- "an untruthful statement made to someone else with the intention to deceive".

Sometimes things get heated on blogs, and exagerations are made. But in this case, there is no exageration. Walsh is lying.

Sometimes politics can get tough. Accusations get thrown around. But there are basic standards- you do not flat-out lie about someone's position.

For all those who still claim Walsh is a "decent man" or an "amiable man", consider what he is doing. Lying to the world.

Summary: It's cruch time. Stop reading the computer. Go help Dan. NOW.

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