Tuesday, October 17, 2006

"Walsh is being difficult" in Maxwell debate

A very close contact of mine who works in SU's Maxwell school told me tonight about the preperations underway for the coming debate there.

Apparently "Walsh is being difficult" in making demands as to the makeup of the audience for the coming debate, and "he doesn't want to do this". In fact he appears to be looking for a way out of it.

Is he worried his true believers won't make it to that hotbed of liberalism (not)- the SU campus?

Sure enough, my RSS feed off of Maffei's website posted this tonight.

Update from The Watcher

Here are the demands:
  • Excluding students and faculty from even attending the debate on their own campus;
  • Limiting the kinds of questions that can be asked; and
  • Prohibiting audience members from even asking questions.

So the students and faculty of the one of CNY's largest employers and serious boost to the local economy aren't going to be allowed into a debate that has a direct impact on their future. Whimpy Walsh, have you no shame?!


At 12:48 AM, Blogger TLB said...

Walsh took the gloves off in tonights debate. The "Dan is an outsider" and "Dan is a neophyte" themes came out in full force.

Here were a few: Taxes, George Soros, "outsider", inexperienced, wishy washy, untrustworthy. Walsh lost no opportunity to misrepresent Dan's views on several occasions.

And that, of course, is politics, and Dan will have to deal with it. He should be able to see it coming and be able to respond, as none of it is any surprise, and I hope he can do so effectively.

Lets strip away that BS and look closely at the core of what Walsh spoke about. Tonight, he proudly flaunted his Republican colors. If you vote for him you know exactly what you get, because he told us.

1. he supports the stay the course approach with Iraq.

2. he won't support stem cell research.

3. He supports the Bush tax cut methodology. It has tilted to the rich, and thats OK with him.

4. He is lenient on illegal immigration. He sides with the farmers (which are often large corporations) who want cheap labor, consequences be damned.

5. He votes with Bush 9/10 times. The importance here is the sheer quantity of terrible policy included in those votes.

I'd say people on the fence, who are not sure who they would vote for, need to ask themselves about questions 1 through 5.

At 10:27 AM, Blogger unionmark said...

I think that we should start calling him "Cry Baby" Jim. He cries "oh you are attacking me" "oh you're putting your signs all over" "oh your holding me accountable".

God!!! How can one Congressman WHINE so much?

At 11:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really got upset when he said it's him v Maffei rather than Bush v Maffei. Does he not realize that he basically is Bush, he's enabled Bush to do everything Bush wanted to do! In my mind there is no difference between a President making bad decisions and a congressman voting along with those bad decisions.


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