Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The True Measure of a Representative.

While canvasing, remember Dan's moto that "a true measure of a representative is how well he represents his constituents"- and that Dan has expanded on what he means by that.

Why's that important? Because his candidacy is more then just an anti-Bush vote. Dan has a vision to do the job better then Walsh does.

  1. He will base his votes on what his constituents views are. Walsh sides with the right wing, even though the Right's agenda is not in accord with the 25th district's voters.
  2. To learn his constituent's view, we will hold many town meetings. Walsh rarely (if ever) holds public forums.
  3. He promises to be a cheerleader for the region to the rest of the country. Walsh has had 18 years to sell Syracuse, yet manufacturing jobs continue to leave.
  4. Dan has said the money he brings back will be used in ways analagous to "teaching a man to fish, rather then giving him a fish to eat". Walsh's pork, while helpful, has not transformed Syracuse.
    1. Federal money is less helpful when used for incremental changes, or when it is hostage to future sessions of congress.
    2. Dan suggests changing the rules of the game (e.g. zoning rules) in how the region's economy is structured.
    3. He argues retail (e.g. Destiny) is not suficient. We need manufacturing and knowlege industries.
    4. Dan will be well positioned to bring back money to CNY. The Democrat's will probably have a majority, and Dan has friends in high places.


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