Saturday, October 07, 2006

Prediction 2: Walsh will try a "Your no Jack Kennedy" moment in debate.

Take a look at this classic debate moment between LLoyd Benson and Dan Quayle. This is what I think Walsh may try to do to Dan Maffei in the debate. Basically, seize a chance to humiliate him by playing the role of the older, wiser man person dressing down the young upstart.

Don't be surprised to see Walsh deliver a prepared speech meant to "put the boy in his place". Its purpose will be to provide foder for the local networks, to be repeated, endlessly. Such a blurb could easily generate emotions that overshadow more concrete arguments Dan makes.

I would suspect Dan will see it coming, as he knows how politicians think, having worked with them. And just like a good batter can guess how a pitcher will throw the ball, I suspect Dan will have a good comeback. But if Walsh times it right, even an expert may be put off balance.

Contrast Quale's debacle with the confrontation between Dick Cheney and John Edwards, in which Mr Cheney made a similar attack (search for the text "record in the Senate that's not very distinguished"). But in this case, Edwards, a very talented lawyer, easily brushed asside and effectivey responded.

Anyway, the bottom line is Maffei better be ready for this.


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