Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Poll Results - REPEALED!

Data is being looked at again - there is a problem according to CHANNEL 9 News!


Well that was a crazy series of events, but we should expect a new poll in a few days. Based on the problem being an oversampling of Republicans, I would say it's bad new for Walsh with him only being up 9. Someone mentioned that the oversample was 7 points, which would cause a drastic swing, depending on if it was a lack of Dems or a lack of indies.


At 6:16 PM, Blogger Maffei Fan said...

The entire poll is being scrapped! Going back again - starting over- HUGE Problems!

At 8:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Clearchannel and the Sub standard. I guess more free press for Dan. My question is whywould wsyr run a story they clearly knew was wrong.

At 8:23 PM, Anonymous kml said...

WSYR is Clear Channel.

At 9:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know was making a point.


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