Friday, October 27, 2006

The Liar.

Jim Walsh is a liar, because he is claiming on television adds that Dan wants to raise taxes by an average of 2000$ per family. But he offers not one shread of evidence for this. He has not explained where this number came from in the debates, and he did not respond to Dan's assertion, made right to Walsh's face, that the 2000$ is completely fictional.

Jim Walsh cannot win on the facts or his 18 year record. If he could, he would be talking about that record, rather then making stupid accusations, in his expensive World Series commercials.

Jim Walsh is not a "decent man". The words "decent" and "liar" are mutually exclusive.

Upstate New York belongs to us, the votors. We need to make ourselves heard, or Walsh will laugh all the way back to Washington.

It is going to rain all weekend. I am going to volunteer anyway, canvasing and mailing. I hope everyone reading this will be working out there as well to help fix our country.


At 5:14 AM, Blogger redlami said...

I spent five hours canvassing in the rain today. A few people seemed to notice and appreciate how wet I was. I'm hoping that for maybe for one person it'll have made a difference.


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