Thursday, October 26, 2006

Help on the Way

From the NYT:

As for the renewed optimism Democrats have about their prospect in New York, perhaps the clearest example is the race in the neighboring district pitting Mr. Walsh, a Republican fixture in the Syracuse region, and Mr. Maffei, a former aide to Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan who is making his first run for public office.

Only a few weeks ago, Mr. Maffei was openly critical of party leaders in Washington for not investing enough money in his race. Now, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, closely eyeing his district, says it is set to spend tens of thousands of dollars on the race, and major party figures, including Mr. Spitzer and both Clintons, have been rushing to campaign with him.

Mike Whyland, a spokesman for Mr. Maffei, said he welcomed the support from Washington, though he added it would have been helpful if it had come earlier. “Why is the D.C.C.C. getting involved now?” he said. “They might have internal polling that shows what we already know — that this race is tight and getting tighter.”

But that doesn't mean you shouldn't Donate to Dan or Volunteer for Dan!!


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