Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fredrick Pierce: "The error was brought to Zogby's attention by the Maffei campaign."

Fred Pierce: "The error was brought to Zogby's attention by the Maffei campaign."

Its stunning. What if Dan Maffei's campaign had missed Zogby's error?

Think about it. Those foul results would have dispirited Maffei voters, as was evident in the 5PM posts on this blog. They would have given a boost to Walsh.

And all the right wing scum, and I use that term because it is what they richly deserve, would have smugly nodded to each other and said "we fooled 'em again".

I for one am dubious that the poll results were a mistake. Zogby claims it was his "first mistake ever", right in his own back yard (he is based in Utica).

But it is also fishy that that gas prices have gone down so much this fall.

And yesterday we learned that the US's rank in press freedom has shrunk, to 53rd in the world among countries. We were 17th last time the list was compiled.

There is no question any longer. Our Democracy is, quite simply, under attack, and we will have to work to preserve it. Basic freedoms, which we take for granted, are bit by bit being eated away.

Friends, time is running out. Volunteer for Maffei this weekend. Do not take our liberties for granted. Work for your country!


At 9:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zogby is not carrying water for the right wing. The real question is why did clearchannel 9 run with the story AFTER they had been told? It should have never been let out of the bag.

At 10:57 AM, Blogger TLB said...

I've heard mixed things about Zogby from sources involved in poltics for a living. But weather they are carrying water for the right, or it's just their first honest mistake in their history as they claim, the basic facts are clear. Had Dan not had sharp eyes it probably would have gone to the public. I doubt Walsh or ClearChannel or the Post would have picked up on it.

The 24th district voted for Bush in 2004 (52%), unlike the 25th. Nevertheless, it's makeup has many similarities to the 25th. We shall see how much a difference it makes when the updated poll comes out..


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