Sunday, October 15, 2006

Debate Transcript. Walsh is a Republican.

I located a transcript of the first half of the debate here.

Walsh comes across on television with an amiable demeanor. Don't be misled. Read the text and their substance. His conservatism is in sync with George Bush on key issues: Iraq and tax cuts for the rich. His anti-Democrat arguments are also the same.

Walsh On Iraq: "I think what we should do is what we are doing", because Iraq "is moving in the right direction".

Read tomorrow's headlines: an Islamic Republic was declared in Western Iraq, while sectarian violance rages. Then, re-read Walsh's statement on Iraq again.

Anyone reading the news can see the Walsh point of view is both blind and foolish.

Walsh on Maffei's position: "we can't just walk away like my opponent has suggested".

Note well: In contrasting himself with Dan, Walsh's argument is the same cut-and-run false-choice presented by national Republicans in portraying the Democrats.

As Dan pointed out, he prefers an international solution to Iraq, and would "Leave it up to the military experts, (on) exactly how we remove our troops". Dan also supports continuing to support the Iraqi government with funding.

Walsh on Afghanistan: "the government is doing an admirable job, but its very difficult. And, we have to be patient".

That statement blithly avoids the fact that violence there is increasing.

Walsh on the mythical Democrat tax monster: "if they (the Democrats) have their way, and the taxes are raised, it will have a dramatic impact on our constituents".

This, like the "cut and run" accusation, is no more real then the monster in my 3 year old boy's closet. In point of fact, the transcript I have does not include Maffei's tax views (many Democrats would retract the tax cuts for the rich, and leave the rest of the tax cuts alone). However, on Dan's website there is this: "A Fair and Balanced Tax System. As a key staff member of the House Ways and Means Committee, Dan helped craft Democratic economic plans that promise rapid economic improvement for our state and nation. Among the proposals: make the Research and Development tax credit permanent; provide new tax cuts for small businesses and working families; make tax credits for lowest-income Americans refundable; and, immediately increase the child tax credit to $800 per child."

Dan needs to respond to Walsh's accusations on taxes and not let them go unanswered.

Walsh on immigration: Notably, Walsh takes the side of corporations who require cheap labor "in order to meet our workforce needs, especially when it comes to seasonal agriculture".

This is a complex topic where its hard to find a clear left-right political dividing line, but isn't it interesting- as Dan Maffei pointed out- that the employers who hire illegal immigrants are never punished?

Bottom line. Walsh's genial, Upstate manner, and occasional moderate views, don't hide the fact that he is a Republican, loyally carrying all the bagage that brings. Don't be fooled.


At 11:42 PM, Anonymous kml said...

Maybe it's just me, but I didn't find his dismeanor reasonable at all.

His opening statement was at the height of arrogance, while his closing statement reflected the attitude of a 2 year old.

Everything in between sounded like he got it off a memo from the NRC. It was all very obvious, imo. Not to mention he didn't say a whole lot about the district (comparing his answers to Maffei's).

He came across as the exact thing he tries so hard to deny. A bush Republican.

At 12:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For some reason, Walsh does have a reputation for amiability.

As in this article.

Wether deserved or not votors need to look past that and undeerstand exactly what his views are.

At 6:54 PM, Anonymous kml said...

Oh, I know he does. Why is what I don't get.

I see him as conniving, smarmy and oily.


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