Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Debate Tonight

The first meeting between Dan Maffei and Jim Walsh takes place tonight, you can watch it live on the internet at http://www.9wsyr.com/ at 7pm, or you can watch the rebroadcast on WCNY on tv at 8pm. Be sure to watch and see Jim getting embarassed.


At 8:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just watched it on the internet. Walsh looked sloppy, he kept running out of time. But at the same time he was very relaxed. Dan was a bit nervous at certain points and his comment "you think you know better" probably did not go down well. He did very well when he went on the attack and forced Walsh to defend his conservatism.

Dan needs to punch back harder and take advantage of Walsh's laxidasical laziness. Walsh showed himself to be a true dummy in this debate, but a very self satisfied one. There were a couple of points in the debate where Dan seemed to hit his stride, if he can maintain that stride for the full length of the next two debates he can win. It all comes down to him.

At 8:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Walsh also did a great job of pointing out Dan's resume - Walsh is trying to paint Dan as a DC insider - but someone who has No experience???

As I have heard Dan say - He may become a Freshman in Congress, but a Freshman that has been hanging out with the Seniors since elementary school. Dan's experience is a huge benefit to Central New York - Waslh pointing that out - only helps Dan.

At 9:02 PM, Anonymous kml said...

Walsh is such a dick.

I lost count of the number of lies he has told.

Is there video of this somewhere? I want to go through every word and write a LTE. Hopefully, it will get published.

At 9:43 PM, Blogger TLB said...

KML- I think the debate will be posted on channel 9's website in video form.

If you go through and point out Walsh's lies- such as how wonderful Syracuse's economy is doing, or how little he votes with Bush, post away on this blog as well as sending in that LTE.

I would, but listening to Walsh more then once gives me a massive stomach ache..

At 10:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know if this came across on tv or not, but when Walsh asserted that he actually voted with George Bush "a little bit less" than 90% of the time, their was actual laughter in the studio...

At 10:23 PM, Anonymous kml said...

Thanks TLB.

Do you want me to send you what I write up or put it in the comment section?

I'll be doing this tomorrow, all day if I have to, lol.

At 10:40 PM, Anonymous Carla said...

As anonymous mentioned the laughter in the room.. there was actually several times where Walsh made some outrageous (or stupid) claim, where the room just laughed OR gasped.

My favorite moment was when Walsh tried to say there is no healthcare crisis in America. Maffei did a great job pointing out that we don't need more healthcare facilities, but we do need actual healthcare coverage.

At 10:49 PM, Blogger TLB said...

KML (and anyone else) - any and all help in decoding Walsh's BS is greatly appreciated. Can you post in this blog's comments section the 'lies'... if theres enough information I will coble together all the different sources and try to sum things up.

I think Walsh lost the most points with me when he downplayed the problems with the CNY economy and population depletion. His 'what me worry' attitude makes me ill.

At 11:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

does anyone know of any place on the web to get a streaming rebroadcast? or possibly a podcast?


At 12:02 PM, Blogger TLB said...

As far as I know the only place to get it will be channel9's website this weekend, per the information I got off Maffei's news section. I do know people who have taped it digitally off the TV. For those of you who use firefox, something screwy with channel9's website did not work and I had to revert to IE.

At 1:20 PM, Anonymous kml said...


Is the video working with IE? I can't get it to work nor can I find a transcript of the debate anywhere.

I hear that the Post has put a nice pro-Walsh spin on it though (barf).


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