Monday, October 30, 2006

DCCC Enters the Fray?

From the NYT Blog:

Over the weekend, the party began running advertisements against Republicans in four more Congressional districts


The others, according to Democratic sources, are against Rep. James Walsh of New York, reflecting general signs of weakness for Republicans in that part of the state


At 11:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very nice post on that NYT blog on the deficit (below). I also liked the phrase "borrow and spend" Republican Congress. Nicely counters the tax and spend liberal.

Post on the deficit:

The current national debt, calculated per citizen, is over 28,000 dollars each. For a family of four, the government has racked up over 100,000 in debt. At the present rate, we aren’t ever going to be able to even hint at paying on the principal; the current level of interest on that debt comes out to 15% a year. I work almost the entire months of January & February and virtually all of my federal income tax goes only towards interest on the aforementioned debt. That debt, of course, is being financed by and large by the Chinese and Saudi governments. Yet Bush and the Republicans openly campaign on their tax policy. This brilliant tax scheme has enriched the elite while bankrupting the rest. Be honest, how many Americans could come close to passing a quiz if it consisted of the facts noted above. We need to take a page from their playbook and simply repeat the information over and over again. The only difference? They repeat lies and distortions…we need to speak (over and again) the same simple truths.

— Posted by D. Clemenhagen


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