Monday, October 30, 2006

44-42!! Down to the Wire!

A new Benenson Strategy Group poll released today shows Democratic challenger Dan Maffei and nine-term Republican incumbent Jim Walsh in a statistical tie in their race for New York's 25th Congressional District. The poll surveyed 400 likely voters district-wide between October 25-26, 2006. The results show that Upstate voters are concerned with the direction the country is headed and are ready for change in Congressional leadership.

"I hear it every day in our community -- voters are ready for a change in direction," said Dan Maffei, Democratic Candidate for NY's 25th Congressional District.

"This election is about giving Upstate New York a voice in Congress that will reflect its priorities, and challenge leaders in Washington when we think they're wrong. It seems like the closer Jim Walsh gets to his Republican leadership, the further he drifts from local values."

Key results from the poll:

Maffei 42%Walsh 44%

+/- 4.9% (margin of error)

68% of voters believe the country is headed in the wrong direction

60% of voters believe Upstate New York is headed in the wrong direction

Voters overwhelmingly respond that the deteriorating situation in Iraq is their primary concern.

62% of voters, including 53% of Republicans and 60% of Independents believe the situation in Iraq is getting worse.


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