Tuesday, September 05, 2006

With Wages Stagnant and Debt Growing, Democrats See an Opportunity

The Washington Post mentions Jimbo is faising a "tougher then expected" challenge this November in an article about the economic squeeze facing the middle class; e,g, stagnant wages and increased inflation. This national coverage is good for Dan. Theres no doubt the race is competitive.

The article cited 'Cuse because it is deeply vulnerable to these trends. Its manufacturing economy has been hurt by globalization as companies like Carrior and GE have abandoned the region. Many of the service jobs still around pay a minimum wage - made attractive to employers since Jimbo and his party refuse to raise it. Its no wonder young people leave.

Since inheriting his job from his Dad, Walsh has literally had decades as our chief representative in Washington to make the case to companies and the government of the region's benefits. But for all this time, his results are manifestly weak. On national issues, Walsh represents Syracuse with a 90% vote-casting agreement George Bush. Many of these stances are far to the right of most CNY votors.

Its clear new blood is needed and we are lucky to have a great candidate in Dan Maffei who has stepped up to the plate.

Nevertheless, Walsh will try to make the case that his pork earns his keep. Does that argument hold water? In coming weeks TLB will explore this issue on the Walsh Watch.

Friends, Labor day is past us and now is the time to roll up our sleeves. We all have to motivate. Walsh's party soon will begin airing very negative comercials paid for by the corporations and rich they represent. We have to do the difficult but necessary work to VOTE Walsh OUT and get Maffei in!


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