Sunday, September 24, 2006

Stupid Dan Gage Quotes

Dan Gage served up a whopper so stupid even Fred Pierce couldn't let it slide:

"Traditionally, negative ads haven't really played well here in Central New York. What we're seeing is a nationalized effort by people who don't know the area, who don't know the market and who don't know the people."

Yet Walsh felt compelled to run his own negative ad, slamming Democratic challenger Dan Maffei for being a Washington insider who moved to the district just to run for Walsh's seat.

Jim Walsh actually pays this guy? I'm just glad he's not on our side.


At 10:10 AM, Blogger homebody315 said...

The entire article (thanks for the link) isn't all that complementary to Dan, unfortunately, and leaves a lot out. It prints the Walsh campaign's objections to the first Majority Action ad, but the on Walsh ad that attacks Dan as a "carpetbagger", fails to mention that Dan GREW UP in Syracuse, for crying out loud!
I write for a weekly in Wayne County and spent two days going through the Congressional Record regarding the minimum wage issue ad, looking at every bill, then wrote my own article for our paper picking apart both the ad and Dan Gage's response - which was not the whole story by any means. It was so unbiased a Democratic friend asked me if I was wavering! I e-mailed the article to the Post-Standard, but they passed on it. Maybe because it pointed out the overall positions of Republican and Democrats on both the minimum wage and estate tax issues. 80% of the people in ths US believe there should be a minimum wage hike. And the majority of the public, if they REALLY knew what the death of the "death" tax would mean, would be against a repeal.
The Republican party is no longer the party of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, or even Eisenhower.


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