Thursday, September 28, 2006



The recent survey, done Sept. 20 and 21, found 44 percent said they would vote for Walsh and 40 percent would vote for Maffei. That's a 17 percent gain for Maffei and an 8 percent drop for Walsh. The pool of undecided voters, meanwhile, has dropped to 14 percent, according to the poll.

The poll isn't causing much of a stir in the incumbent's camp, said Dan Gage, Walsh's spokesman.

"It's not a 4 percent race," said Gage with a chuckle. "Have all the negative ads had an effect? Yes, you throw enough mud and some it it's going to stick, but it's not going to affect it that much."

He said the Walsh campaign has done polls that show very different results. It is the campaign's policy, however, not to release their internal polls.

Walsh on Wednesday said the findings were skewed because respondents were "pushed" in a certain direction by questions that cast Walsh in an unfavorable light.

Whyland acknowledged additional questions were asked about issues, but said the basic head-to-head question that showed Maffei gaining was posed before those questions were asked.

Of course that wasn't their policy back when they had favorable poll numbers in July. I'm challenging Dan "giggling" Gage to prove it's not a 4 point race, he and Jim Walsh need to put their numbers where their mouthes are.

One of Dan's biggest advantages in this race is Walsh's arrogance, his whole, "how dare you question me, I'm a Congressman" attitude he has. Every election incumbents are caught sleeping and taken out and Jim Walsh is showing a lot of the same arrogance that others in the past have had.


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